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    Yeah Hsian, REDARROW, Textile Cleaning Gun, Textile Tagging Gun, Cloth Cutter, Spot Removing Machine, Rotary Cutter, Thread Scissors, Steam Hose, Tagging Needles, Tag Pins, Steam Irons, Thread Clipper, ...,etc. Products produced with the brandname RED ARROW registered CE & TUV in Europe. With the brandname RED ARROW from Taiwan, we expect to meet your requirements and expectation. Throughout, from our quality products. RED ARROW products quality comply with the requirements of CE standards and win worldwide recommendations. Organisation Mondiale De La Propriete Intelleguelle Germany, Netherlands, France, Soviet Russia, Mongolia, Switzerland, Korea, Vietnam, Belgium, Span, Portugal, Italy, Luxembourg.Supplying satisfied products to customers has been the belief of YEAH HSIAN ENT. CO., LTD. Through renovation, and production of specialized products, the firm was establishment in June 1976, majoring in manufacturing textile machinery and peripheral accessories.
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    CLEANING GUN is designed in accordance with vacuum theory with strong function to clean any dirt through the chemicals. 
    The designed in gun housing, we using industrial plastic (Nylon + Fiber), it is not only with strong patience and high insulation, also compliant with CE safety regulations.

    YH-330 Certificate of Design Patent ( 2017.07.11 Applications in progress)
    Application No. Taiwan: 106303942 ; China: 201730305518.0


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